Hidden Ornament

Hidden Ornament

Congratulations Michael Schild, he has FOUND THE HIDDEN ORNAMENT!

Here is what the clues meant…
Monday: In limits – In the City Limits
(Bonus) Different – The ornament was in a different part of town then in the last few years.

Tuesday: Plastic – Referring to the plastic bad it was wrapped in.
(Bonus) No climbing – It was on the ground.

Wednesday: Appeal – Curb Appeal, it was near the curb.
(Bonus) That is not a poisonous plant nearby – Hemlock Street was close by.

Thursday: A little Rock & Roll – Small round rocks nearby
(Bonus) Don’t fall on the street – It was near Trip St.

Friday: Not a foul ball – Near ball fields
(Bonus) No tracks – not by train tracks

Monday: Watch your step – Some cracks and dog poop nearby.
(Bonus) No Soup – Near Campbell St. (Campbell Soup)

Tuesday: Wasteful – Used to be where you dropped off yard waste.
(Bonus) Will Smith – Ref to Fresh Prince… Fresh Start Convenience Store nearby

Wednesday: Survey says – Near Land Survey Marker
(Bonus) No blue ox – St. Paul’s Church nearby (ref to Paul Bunyan)

This year, we are fortunate to have GREAT sponsors yet again – and they have provided some awesome prizes.

Splash City – Fire Pit
Computer Village – IPad Air 2
Mobile FX – Remote Car Starter
Meadowood Lanes – Bowling Party
PLUS we will throw in some food gift certificates and a HITS102.7 T-Shirt!

Thanks for playing everyone!




December 2nd, 2016

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