Hidden Egg Has Been Found!

Hidden Egg Has Been Found!

Congratulations JEAN WISE!

Jean found the Hidden Egg on a strip of grass, in a bush between the OLD Big D gas station and Red Lobster parking lot.

Prizes include:
A Foosball Table from Splash City
An IPad from Computer Village
An Overnight Stay at the Hisega Lodge
A Bowling Party for 4 at Meadowood Lanes
Golf Passes for 2 at Meadowood Golf Course

Clues with their meanings:

17th – MONDAY – Inside Limits – Basically that it was within the city limits
18TH – TUESDAY – No diggity – It wasn’t buried
19TH – WEDNESDAY – Not by the tracks – No railroad tracks nearby
20TH – THURSDAY – There is service – Between the service road and disk drive
21ST – FRIDAY – Syrup – Reference to Maple street being nearby
24TH – MONDAY – Busy, Busy, Busy. – Because the area around Rushmore Mall being busy
25TH – TUESDAY – Sometimes they bus them in – The fact that sometimes busses are in the mall parking lot
26TH – WEDNESDAY – The Easter Bunny was near here – Reference to it being near the Rushmore Mall
27TH – THURSDAY – Don’t eat yellow snow – The egg itself was yellow
28th – FRIDAY – You could lob a rock and hit it – Because it was at the end of the Red Lobster parking lot and the empty lot where the gas station used to be.

BONUS CLUES (and meanings)

17th – MONDAY – Empty feeling – Because it was next to the empty lot where Big D gas station used to be
18TH – TUESDAY – Boots were made for walking – That you might have to walk around to find it down from where the shoe store used to be
19TH – WEDNESDAY – Lots of room – It was more in an open area with the empty lot next to where it was found
20TH – THURSDAY – No life jackets needed – It was not near a lake or creek
21ST – FRIDAY – You don’t have to climb the walls – No walls around it and it did not require climbing
24TH – MONDAY – They say things are bigger there – The empty lot next to it used to be Big D
25TH – TUESDAY – You can really hear the traffic – Being close to I-90 and the busy disk drive and service road


April 20th, 2017

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