Why Pandora?



With Pandora being our parent company, this exciting partnership brings us the ability to look at what Rapid City Pandora users are giving thumbs up to.

We are able to use this information for song selection, reflecting that of local listeners rather than using national charts. o This also allows us to be very current with local listener preferences, rather than relying on old information.


Pandora created a channel that features the format and songs on KXMZ HITS 102-7, we are able to direct listeners to that channel and follow the trends.

Rapid City Listeners

We were able to create Pandora channels that are formats other than what we play on KXMZ HITS 102-7 based on Rapid City thumbs up and spins. That way, when a Rapid City listener chooses to listen to another type of music, their favorite songs are waiting!

Current Pandora Channels created for our Rapid City Listeners:

  • Rapid City Rocks Hard
  • HITS Country
  • HITS Classics
  • Classic Country HITS


Another local program we developed with the use of Pandora was “What’s on my artists Pandora Channel?” This airs during the morning show and is a fun program where we take a featured artist from the HITS 102-7 playlist and play the first three songs that a Pandora user would get if they typed in that artist to create a station. The first song is from the featured artist and the second and third songs are based on the algorithms that Pandora is able to create from the first song.

This sometimes leads to playing second and third songs that we may not normally play but because it has a musical DNA with the first song we follow the process and introduce listeners to the songs and why they are related to the featured artist’s song.

5 at 5pm

We use Rapid City Pandora listenership to highlight 5 top songs Monday, Wednesday, and Fridays in the 5pm hour that are selected by thumbs up or spins.